As DJing continues to grow in popularity around the world, choosing the right service can be quite difficult. Today, Atlanta based pop Dj/producer YOUNJOSH examines some of the most important pitfalls to avoid when trying to play out. He also offers concrete advice how to make sure you’re doing your best to get into DJ booths on a regular basis.

Lately in the music industry a DJ of any experience level with plenty of mixing skills, fancy DJ gear can go out giggles or barely getting booked in a regular basic. That can be really frustrating for a new DJ/producer.

DJ Younjosh advice

DJ Younjosh knows about this exact feeling and this is what he has to say on this -“Every once in a while I get DM from frustrated DJs who have tried it all: they bought every equipments, spent thousands and thousands of dollars just to play out. However they’re just not getting gigs. Well, in the other hand; there are people like Dj/Younjosh who don’t know how this feels. I wish I could say getting booked is easy, but the harsh reality is that it simply isn’t. The market is flooded with DJs, all of them are as driven and dedicated to establishing themselves as you are. But the most important is you have to define yourself as a Dj and have a unique sound also you have to be smart and hustle non stop. And it’s not about the gear but it’s mainly about what you play and your interactions with the crowd. My Job as a Dj is to make the people happy, when they happy I’m happy too.

Also I never stop working and I practice a lot”.

Weekly schedule

Practicing does not mean only trying the music but it includes a number of things. It means allocating the time, every day to search for unique music and building an encyclopedia like knowledge out of it. It is a way to organizing your digital collection by key and BPM tagging, adding cue points and meta data, and small details that are important for DJ. You should be knowing every song in your library inside and out, like figuring out which tracks go best together, where the build-ups and break-downs are, when to mix in and out, and on which occasions it is most appropriate to play each one. At the end of the day, what’s the point of having 50,000 tracks on your hard drive if you only know a dozen? Only practicing can make that happen. Here is the weekly schedule of DJ Younjosh –

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Hangovers Buckhead

Wednesday: Red Martini | Koo Koo Room

Thursday: Red Martini | Supply & Demand

Friday: Hangovers Buckhead

Saturday: Either Havana Club, Red Martini, The Glenwood Or Ibiza Club

Sunday: Whisky Mistress (For Brunch) Following by Buckhead Saloon At night Starting 8Pm

Going through his packed up weekly schedule, you can imagine the amount of hard work he need to put. Everything takes patience. The Haitian-American Pop Dj been Dj since early 2000’s and just recently become one of the world’s busiest Dj with playing at least 10 services every single week. It wasn’t easy when he started but he stick to it and practiced the game every day, trying to find his own style. Ultimately Younjosh is enjoying the current position that he is in today. DJ Younjosh is very active on social media and interacts with his fan through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you don’t want to miss on his updates, keep following and be updated.

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